Thirteen Moons

by Alycea & the X Isles

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Thirteen Moons is one of the ROOTS MUSIC REPORT – ROOTS ROCK TOP 50


"The blend is effortless, the interplay instinctive and the music fits together without a seam in sight. The American folk vein is strong throughout – no doubting where this originates, however, the blend pulls in ethnic folk, rock, blues and roots influences and styles and forges an intuitive, intrinsic entity...For me the stand out track is ‘Let The Rain Fall’ - and believe me you'll love it." - Dan Holland, Folk Words UK

"The album as a whole, be much appreciated by those who would have liked 10,000 Maniacs to be a little more Womad." - Miles Davies, NetRhythms UK

"A folk rock band from NYC, Alycea and The X Isles have effectively captured the mood of the socially concerned with their album “Thirteen Moons”. In many ways, this album seems to hail from the days of sixties protest singers and is pervaded by the ghost of their sense of social injustice." - Bluesbunny UK


released 21 September 2012

(c) Alycea & Rick Ench



all rights reserved


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Alycea & the X Isles New York, New York

Alycea & The X Isles are an folk rock band led by singer-songwriter, Alycea. The band is based in New York City. Alycea had been pursuing her solo singer-songwriter music career before she began a musical partnership with X Isles in the winter of 2009. Their music highlights a mix of world rhythms & the blending of multiple musical styles and genres. ... more

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Track Name: By My Side
Apache Spirit burning deep inside
wondering gypsy mother natures child
A lazy river flows next to me
Beautiful lover can you hear my plea

Where will I be tomorrow
I dont know
Where will this road lead me
I dont know
But as long as I've got your hand in mine I'll be fine
As long as you're by my side

The sun rises over the mountain tops
this crazy living baby its gotta stop
The western winds are calling me home
back to the mother land, a desert rose
Track Name: Second Avenue
I watch the snowdall down on 2nd Avenue
People hurry by beneath the fading sky and I think of you
Across thw way music from another land
Fliters through the air while a taxi drops his fare and I think of you

In a downtown cafe
Time drifts away
and the weatherman says, it will be snowing for another day

From an alleyway, a poor man looks my way
The people pass him by they never look him in the eye they just walk away
And for a moment I recall whispered voices in the hall
Somewhere a baby starts to cry, as a teardrop fills my eye and You just walk away

A couple comes in from the cold
There not young but there not old
They take the table by the door just like a 1000 times before and they just dream away
There's a smile upon her face though the years have left their trave
I always thought that would be me, the way our lives would always be But I'll just dream away
Track Name: Something Simple
What is this thing that we are searching for?
And what lies behind that mystical door?
Is it a meeting with the lord above or could it be something simple like love?

Im lost in a drea and Im wondering why
I sit and reflect on the time thats gone by
And I tell myself that I have to fly
Just to catch that angel on a high

We need to be loved
We need to feel love
We need to give love
We can heal with our love

Where this path will lead the past will not tell
because Im under a wondering spell
I'm like an eagle imitating a dove
I need to give something simple like love

What is this thing that we are searching for?
And what lies behing that unopened door?
And if we are answered by the lord up above
would he say its something simple, simple like love?
Track Name: Never been a fighter
Never been a fighter babe
I just don’t like to fight
No I’ve never been a fighter babe
I just don’t like to fight

But I’ve always been a lover babe
And I’m gonna love you tonight

Never been a drinker babe
But now and then I get tight
No I’ve never been a drinker babe
That stuff messes up my sight

But I’ve always been a lover
Lord knows I’ll treat you right

Good God almighty
You look so fine
Good God almighty
You really blow my mind

Never been a gambler babe
Don’t like to throw them laughing bones
Ever been a gambler babe
Aint got the gambling jones
Track Name: True Friends
Here's a song to all my so called friends
The friends that said they's be beside me to the end
Where did they go, when I was down
I look for them, there not around
Here's a song for all my so called friends

Heres a song for all the ones that gone away
I'd love to see them once again on some sunny day
How we lost touch, I'll never know
II look for them where did they go
Here's a song for all my long lost friends

Well you know true friends are hard to find
There worth more than a gold or silver mine
Cant replace them when they are gone
My advice for you is just hold on
Because true friends are so hard to find

Here's a song for all my life long friends
The one that stood besides me through thick & thin
When good times came we had some fun when times got bad they didn't run
Heres a song for all my life long friends
Track Name: We are one
Rain down from the heavens
Rivers to the sea
Rainbows, clouds and waterfalls
They’re what you gave to me

Sunshine dreams and moonbeams
Stars across the sky
I was a bird with a broken wing
You taught me how to fly

We are one
We are one
Everyone knows its true
We are one
We are one
In everything we do
We are one
We are one
You are one
And I am one too

A road to the horizon
A pathway to the sun
Like a vision in the eastern sky
The dawn has just begun
Track Name: Galicia
It began in A Coruña
When I stole a horse from a rich man
He tried to catch me but I rode as fast as I can
Passing ruins of the ancients
Who once ruled the land

Then we came to the end of the world
It doesn’t look that bad to me
Locals call me extranjera
Because I come from across the sea

The next stop Rianxo
Where I met a gallego with dark eyes
He spoke good English, which came as a surprise
Where are you going, where do you come from
Yo no sè
Then he brought me to his villa we drank queimada
Hasta que no recordé nada
Track Name: Wasting my time
Have you ever watched a river?
As it flows back to the sea?
Have you ever watched the clouds roll by?
Making patterns in the sky

Someone I call a friend of mine
Said I was only wasting my time
But to me my friend was in a bind
I saw what he was hoping to find

Have you ever seen the mountain?
Snowflakes sparkling in the sun
Have you ever heard a songbird sing?
To a day that’s just begun

When the dawn is casting colors
Of wonder in the air
Nature unfolds its beauty for her children to share

Have you ever watched the fireflies?
Dancing in the fading light
Have you ever heard the nightingale?
Singing in the star filled night
Track Name: Take me back (Australia)
Monsherri, its been a long time
Since I’ve risen with the sun
But the southern cross is calling
And my journey has begun

Take me back to the sunny shores of Brisbane
I wanna feel the Australian sand between my toes
I’m gonna get high like a cloud in Nimban
Take me back, take me back, I’ll take you back

I’m going back to Gorilla mountain
Gonna dine with the kangaroos
Let the glow worms light my way
And sing with the cockatoos

Its been a long time since I’ve seen you
Even longer since we’ve spoke
I promised I would never leave you
But that dream went up in smoke
Why don’t you take me back
Track Name: Steal your days
Deafening Roar, the sound of the city
Hits her ears as she comes out the door 
Taxi’s blaring, fire trucks wailing
Wonder if she can take anymore

Phone in her pocket is buzzing and ringing
The voice on the line wants to know where she’s been
She makes an excuse so tired of making excuses
Stomachs in knots from going fast as she can

Slow down your moving way to fast
Look around you’ve gotta make each moment last
Cause time is a thief it will steal your days
And while you worry about tomorrow
You might lose today

The bell rings, the lights are all flashing
No time to waste down there on the floor
Gotta make that deal, show what he’s made of
Cause he knows damn well, there all keeping score

Blood Pressures high, his heart is racing
There no time to head what the doctor said
Cause money is time and time is money
But when your time is up it wont buy to a day

He wolfs down his breakfast, runs to the bus stop
Gotta be on time, Gotta do as he’s told
Track Name: Let the rain
Come lie down next to me
Tell me everything’s alright
Baby we both know
We wont make it through the night

Our Love is a roller coaster when we started
We were riding high
the low’s are getting longer
And our love is beginning to die

Let the rain fall down on me
Let the water wash my pain away
Goodbye sorrow and hello brand new day
Let the rain fall down on me

Please whisper in ear
Tell me Im the only one
Baby I know it’s a lie
But its something I’ve got to hear

Let the rain fall down on me
Let the water wash my pain away
Goodbye sorrow and hello brand new day
Let the rain fall down on me
Track Name: 3:00 AM
Its 3 o’clock in the morning
I know I should be asleep
A strange, strange hour in a stranger life
But times not what I’m trying to keep

What am I doing awake now?
Could I write a beautiful song
That can feed just one hungry mouth
Or make a lonely person belong

I’m sitting on his warn out sofa
As the minutes are drifting by
And the words I just wrote on the paper
Almost make me cry

What are these words I keep writing
Hoping to make them rhyme
They could never let a deaf man hear
They could never give sight to the blind

Almost everyone is asleep now
A few are still making love
A child looks out of his window
He’s waiting for a sign from above

So I think I’ll go to sleep now
And forget about all these words
Cause it don’t make no difference anyhow
If it only brought us home
Track Name: Piper to Pay
Masters of this world
who pull the puppets strings,
You think it’s under your control now
And we’ll sing what you want us to sing

You've got the power and money
and things are going as planned
and the people won’t see you
with their heads in the sand

But there’s a hard wind blowing
It’s coming to your town
There’s a hard wind blowing
It’s gonna knock everything down
It’s gonna shatter your windows
It’s coming through your doors
because the hard wind don’t care
If your rich - or if your poor

You better run for cover
You better not delay
Cause that hard, hard wind
Is coming your way


The hourglass has turned
And you're time is slipping away,
And believe me my big brother
There’s a piper, a piper - to pay

You believe in the Profits
that you make from our toil
while our soldiers are dying -
To protect your oil

You steal from our children
To pay for your mistakes
And to give your chosen few
Another tax break

You say there’s no global warming
And there'll be no super storms
But you built an underground fortress
Just in case you’re wrong

With that ounce of protection
You think that you'll be saved
But those walls won’t protect you,
They'll just become your grave

There’s a new day dawning
I see it in my mind
But it’s the kind of place
That you'll never find

Because your world is darkness
It’s built on corporate greed
And there's nothing in this world
That’ll ever fill your need

When your bankrupt morals
And your phony church
And all the lies you sold us
are swept clean from the earth

Then people’s eyes will open
And the truth will be seen
And our remembrance of these days
will just seem like a fevered dream

The hourglass has turned…